Our Wedding

Welcome to our photo album!  Narrated by the lovely Bride, Eileen Ditto. Our Blessed day was January 24, 1998 at Sacred Heart Church in Clifton Heights, PA. So, sit back, relax, and I'll tell you all about the people in these pictures that'd I'd like to share with you!
You can't make it to the church without an invitation! Lucky for you, I've got one here!
This is me, in the limo, literally moments before I become a married woman!
Here's a funny story.  My sister told her son, 5 yr old Dean (a.k.a. Ring Bearer) to hold his sister Annie's hand (a.k.a Flower Girl) while they walk down the isle.  Dean reminds Annie that she must drop the rose petals on the floor.  Annie turns to Dean and says in her three year old voice, "I can't, you're holding my hand!"
Ah! Here's the moment we where we say our vows. We promise 'have and hold from this day forward...til death do us part!'
Here comes the Bride and her Groom! We leave the church Mr & Mrs. Michael Richard Ditto!
This is the Bride and Groom with the parents of the Bride.
Girlfriend, I am beautiful! Oh! Let me be conceited for a moment! It is my day to feel pretty, right?
He's straight out of GQ! This is my husband! What a handsome guy! Don't you just love that coy smile?
This is a better, full length picture of me in my gown. And here's another picture of the happy couple. And another. One more of the cute couple!
Let me introduce this handsome trio! This is Michael, with David, his Best Man. Behind them, is Keith, Michael's close friend since high school.
This is my mom and dad.  I love them very much and I am so grateful for all that they have done for me...their love and support and inspiration! Thank you mom and dad for making this day possible!
And this one is me with my mom and dad and my sisters.  I also have two brothers not in this picture.
Eileen is now a member of the Ditto Family in this group shot!
On the left is Michael's father and his wife. On the right is Michael's Mom and her husband. And in the middle is Michael and Eileen...like a sandwhich of love!  (hold the pickles!)
Michael is now a member of the Rizzo Family! Would you believe this picture is already outdated? Two births occured within 6 months of the wedding!
Here's another funny story.  While vacationing in the Bahamas, my parents picked up a beautiful porcline statue of a Bride and Groom to put atop my wedding wedding cake.  It wasn't until we came home to my mom's house after the wedding reception, that my mom realized this beautiful statue is still in her closet! The cake was still beautiful and delicious! My brother Tony catered my wedding. He even decorated my wedding cake!. So, if you're wondering how many eggs were broken to make that cake, or need pricing information for your own special event, send him email.
We're now  waving good bye as we head off to our honeymoon! We stayed at this little bed and breakfast in Valley Forge called Pineapple Hill.
A toast to many happy days filled with love, laughter and happy memories!

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