Mike "Ford" Ditto

"I've upped my standards. Up yours."

[My Picture] Hi, I'm Michael Ditto.

I'm a 50-year-old software engineer. I live in Santa Clara, California in the San Francisco Bay area. I was born in San Diego, California. I most recently used to live in Reston, Virginia, and before that, in Somerset, New Jersey, and West Chester, Pennsylvania.

I created this web page in 1993 and have barely changed it since then. How sad.

However, I have started to blog occasionally. There you can find some personal and technical musings like my article on the myfamily.com DNS poisoning problem and some hopefully helpful examples of how to use OpenSolaris in a home/small office network.

Here are some crude photos of my vacation to Ireland and London.

My current interests include Maps, music, skiing, computers, and amateur radio (try my Morse Code Translator).

This web site is running on the OpenSolaris operating system and the Apache web server on a local network with a bunch of other odd systems.

Care to look at my résumé?

How about my old-fashioned (physical CDs) music collection?

Some of my favorite stuff from The Web

MST3K - Mystery Science Theater 3000 (The best TV show ever!)

CDT - Keep an eye on threats to your freedom to communicate, via the Center for Democracy and Technology, and maybe find a way you can fight back!

Zippy - Yow! Free advice from Zippy the Pinhead!

Email me: ford@omnicron.com