Michael R. Ditto

Austin, TX

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01/20 - 01/24   Senior Firmware Engineer
Grayshift   Roswell, GA

Developer of system software for digital forensic access systems.

10/09 - 07/19   Platforms Software Engineer
Google   Sunnyvale, CA

Developer of system software for megascale data center computing.

10/06 - 08/09   Member Technical Staff
ConSentry Networks   Milpitas, CA

Developer of firmware, embedded Linux and other system software for networking equipment.

10/97 - 10/06   Senior Staff Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Solaris Networking and Security Technologies   Menlo Park, CA

Developer of Solaris networking and security components. Architect for packet filtering and encryption software products.

12/95 - 10/97   Software Engineering Consultant
Omnicron Data Systems   Herndon, VA

Independent consulting business specializing in software engineering and system integration for Unix, Internet, and embedded systems.

7/94 - 12/95   Senior Software Engineer
Newbridge Networks   593 Herndon Parkway Herndon, VA
(later to become part of Alcatel)

Developer of Unix device drivers and other system software for Asynchronous Transfer Mode networking equipment.

10/91 - 7/94   Member of Unix kernel development group
Unix System Laboratories   190 River Road Summit, NJ
(later to become part of Novell, Inc., The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc, and Caldera, Inc.)

Member of software development team responsible for process management subsystem of the Unix SVR4.2 Multiprocessor kernel (UnixWare 2.0).

08/88 - 10/91   Unix Systems Software Architect
Commodore-Amiga   1200 Wilson Drive West Chester, PA

Lead designer and kernel hacker for Amiga version of Unix System V Release 4.

11/87 - 07/88   Senior Systems Programmer
International Robomation Intelligence   2281 Las Palmas Drive Carlsbad, CA

Development of system software, application software and real-time operating system for computer vision systems.

11/85 - 10/87   Systems Programmer
CliniComp, Intl.   1120 Silverado St. La Jolla, CA

Development of clinical charting systems for use in hospital intensive care units.

9/84 - 11/85   Game Programmer
Cinematronics, Inc.   1741 Friendship Drive El Cajon, CA

Design and development of microprocessor-based coin-operated video games.