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Cool! A Jungle Gym in my own living room!

Hey  Dad! Wanna see me make Mom jump? Mom! Look! I can do a jig!

Who put this place card on my tray?

What? I am NOT a CRY BABY! You take that back!

The place card looks better like this.

I love my Mamma, even if she makes me wear funny hats.

You gotta admit, I do make this look good!

See, even Aunt Christine thinks I look cute.

I love you too,  Aunt Christine!

What's that over there?

Spaghettie! It's what's for dinner!

Look! Betcha I can make this noodle be in my stomach and down my throat at the same time!

Yum! I don't even care that it's bath night!

If Mommy is taking my picture with  a phone, who's taking her picture, taking a picture of me?

Did you say we're having spaghettie again tomorrow night too? Alright!

Ok, I am ready for my bath.

The happy Swammy baby is squeaky clean!

Aunt Anne says, 'Look, we match!'

Mom says 3 can play that game!

Aunt Anne and Sarah at Stinton Beach. Another beautiful day!

Pretty as a post card!

Tidal wave! Oops! my bad!  I mean,'s OK Aunt Anne, I'll protect you!

We head back to the car all too soon!

Aunt Christine has the best toys.

What could be finer then a little slice of pizza crust while sitting in an exersaucer?

Pizza party at Grandma & Pop's.

Say Cheese Pizza!

Silly Pizza Party poses!

Ok, show of fingers, how many slices did you have?

You did save some for me, right?

Sarah says, Annie, your breath smells like pizza!

The birthday buddy huggle! Thanks Anthony for sharing your birthday with Sarah!

I hate to break it to you Sarah, but it's bath time!

Rub a dub-dub! Three cousins in the tub!