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What do you mean "There's no luau tonight'? I got dressed up for nothing?

I wish i could remember what i did with my ukulele.

Mahalo! Uncle Louie & Aunt Michele! Thanks for the really cool bathing suit!

Look Daddy! I can do the Hula!

Mommy & Sarah in the pool.

Whoa! I think I just saw a really big fish! No, wait.  It's just mommy's foot! Whew!

Hey! look at me! I'm swimming!

Are you sure this is how you do the back stroke, Mom?

Just relaxing in the pool. Ahh!!

I think that life guard over there is checking me out!

Don't let go Mommy!

    Don't get my ears wet Mommy!

So this is floating! I like it!

Mom! Must you kiss my feet EVERY time?

Hi Daddy! I see you with the camera! Come on in! The water's great!

Look at me! I'm floating!

 Don't get soap in my eyes, Mom!

Is it time to go home already?

Psst! You're dripping on me, Mom!

Let's see...I got my ducky robe, my towel, and my gym bag. Yup! It's all here!

Can't we swim for 5 more minutes, Mom? Please!

And that's another fun day at the pool!