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Look at this next series of photos.  Is it me, or does it look like Sarah is doing the Cha-Cha...or perhaps, the Macarena?


Breakfast in San Diego.  We made a surprise appearance at Gabriel's Birthday party in May.  The next day we all had a wonderful breakfast at a lovely outside cafe.

Gabriel's first visit with his cousin Sarah.

Girl talk.

Maggie and Ru catching up.

Grandmom Sally asks Keila how many items she could buy with $2.00.

 Hi Aunt Tracey!

Sarah prepares for the paparazzi.

Aunt Maggie points to one of the many places on Sarah's head that far away Aunts and Uncles want to kiss.

Mommy asks,  "Is this the cutest baby ever or what?" and Sarah asks, "What's all the fuss about?"

Aunt Maggie thinks 'If I want to get in the picture, I MUST sit closer to that baby! But how?!'

Get used to the attention Sarah! It's not just Mommy and Daddy who think you're cute!

Proud Mamma, Aunt Maggie and one tired little baby!

Sarah's cousins, Gabriel and Jessica, are perfecting their video game skills so that they might teach Sarah when she's older.

Daddy loves his little girl.

Tracks smiles for the camera, too!

Daddy can give baths too.

So gentle, Daddy!

Daddy can even make bath time fun!

All done!

Daddy shares a special secret with Sarah.

It's a beautiful day for a stroll in the park.

Aww! look at the cute little baby in the bouncie seat!

Hey! that's no baby! Tracks get outta that chair!

She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping.

So angelic!

Her onesie says it all...'Pretty in Pink'.

Isn't it precious how she sleeps with her hands over her head?

God Bless you, Sarah! Sleep well!

We thank our friend and volunteer photographer, Heather Winkle, for taking all of the following family photos.

 Mommy prepares Sarah for her next photo session.

Sarah enjoys a bottle before her next photo shoot.

'What do you mean, "All done!"? I'm still thirsty!'

Sarah says "Mommy, your eyes are SO pretty!"

Sarah waves hello to the camera.

Sarah says "That flash got me right in my eye!"

Daddy asks, "Who wants ice cream when we're all done taking these pictures?" No, we don't have ice cream honey, but it sure did get you to smile!

Daddy starts to wonder if Sarah is getting too sleepy for picture time!

How hard can it be to wake a sleeping baby?

Hrmm!  Looks like she's really asleep!

Daddy takes a closer look.

Yup! She's asleep!

How can we continue our photo shoot if it's suddenly nap time for our star?

How can she be sleeping? We're just getting warmed up!

See? I told you she was tired!

Maybe if we do arm exercises she'll wake up.

Nope! Still asleep!

Just like Mommy...she can fall asleep anywhere, anytime!

Our little sleeping angel.

You mean, you guys are STILL taking pictures?

How long was I asleep?

What did I miss?

That nap sure made me tired!

Mommy explains to Sarah that we continued taking pictures throughout her little nap because even while sleeping, she's so cute!

Sarah turns to Daddy and asks "Is she for real? How cheesey!"

Daddy! I think I just wet my diaper!

What did she say?

She said she wants Mommy to change her diaper.

I love you guys THIS MUCH!

Daddy listens to every word Sarah has to say.

Sarah uses Mommy's shoulder as a pillow, then Mommy uses Sarah's head as a pillow and then Daddy uses Mommy's head a pillow! Ahh! So comfy!

Who's the cutest baby ever?  Raise your hand!

Kinda looks like she's dancing, huh?






Carbon wants to get in the picture, too!

What's that on your tummy, Mom?

Carbon had a itch on her nose that really needed scratching!

Mommy! Close your mouth or brush your teeth!







No more flash photoagraphy!

 I'm much better now, thank you!

Sarah holds on tight to Daddy's finger.












Now, that we're almost done, you guys aren't gonna do something gross and kiss are you?

Eww! Gross! Mommy, Daddy, quit it, you're embarrassing me!