Photo album: Sarah's First 2 Weeks at Home

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It doesn't get much better then this! A shared favorite blanket, Girl talk and Bon Bons on the couch!

Aunt Christine, Gramma &  Mommy give Sarah her first bath.

Oh! that water is COLD! 

Hurry up with that towel please!

Sarah models a new outfit sent from Aunt Theresa and Uncle Bob.

Mommy and Sarah survived baby's first bath. And look! Both are smiling!

We would like to thank Sarah's Aunt Christine for being our guest photographer for the following family photos. Thanks, Christine!

Shh! The Baby's sleeping!

Sarah is less than two weeks old and already she has Daddy wrapped around her little finger!

One happily sleeping baby means two smiling parents!

Mommy is enjoying the view.

Sarah wanted  5 more minutes of naptime before we changed her position again!








A view of the family from above.

Not now mommy, I'm sleeping.

You're just being silly, Mommy!

Not tickle torture! Come on, Mom! Quit it!

Sarah knows, a woman's place is the center of attention!

Sarah dreams.

Sarah and Tracks aren't exactly on speaking terms since the 'vomit incident'. Sarah tried to explain it was just a matter of Tracks being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Daddy conducted experiments in static electricity to make cat and baby stick to the wall.

Mr. De'Ville, I'm ready for my close up now.

What are you thinking about, Sarah?

 What could be cuter than a close-up of a sleeping baby?