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Star Wars Halloween!

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Sarah and Eddie show off their costumes.

Sarah reprised her role from last year as a padawan (Jedi in training). The store-bought costume just needed to be let out 3 inches.

Eddie had indicated a few weeks ago that he wanted to be Jango Fett or Boba Fett for Halloween. We happened to spot the Boba mask at the flea market, but the rest of the costume is all home-made. Hooray for colorful sheet foam, styrofoam, elastic, and hot melt glue.

Uh-oh... bounty hunter Boba Fett has captured the Jedi padawan, Sarah!

... or has he?

Aha, Boba has been hit...

He looks defeated...

...but he has one attack left - the dreaded rocket!

Sarah is hit... is she strong enough with the Force to make it to Googleween?

The whole clan (except the photographer, who lamely had no costume this year) posing at Googleween.

Note that Princess Leia (a.k.a. Princess Kaiserroll) has a hairdo that is made of actual bread rolls.

May the Force be with you!